Truck 10W-40 E4/E6

High Performer
Truck 10W-40 E4/E6

Pris inkl. moms
plus frakt

5 l Burk   58,24 skr per Liter
291,20 skr
20 l Kanister   39,02 skr per Liter
780,50 skr
60 l Tunna   40,15 skr per Liter
2 408,80 skr
200 l Tunna   33,60 skr per Liter
6 720,19 skr


Truck 10W-40 E4/E6

High Performer Truck 10W-40 E4/E6

LB Turbosynth NF is a product of the LB (Level Back-up) product range. These products are based on the officially approved formulas, using the same high-quality additives, but the base oils have been replaced with equivalent alternatives. This creates equivalent products in terms of quality, with a performance level corresponding to the originally approved products. However, because no field tests have been conducted, the product may be claimed only to meet the mentioned performance levels (meets requirements of)

This lubricant has mainly been developed for heavy diesel engines even under the toughest operation conditions and all the year round. This product is very suitable for Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines without particlefilter and for most engines with exhaustgasemission systems. This engine oil is also developed to (in consideration of the official instructions) allow very long extended oil drain intervals and to prevent "borepolishing".

Gebrauchsnummern 15381540
Field of operation Lätta lastbilar
Release ACEA E4-12
ACEA E7-12
Cummins CES 20078
Detroit Diesel 93K215
Global DHD-1
MAN M 3377
MAN M3277
MB 228.5
MTU Type 3
Mack EO-M Plus
Mack EO-N
Renault RLD-2
Renault VI RXD
Volvo VDS-3
Viscosity 10W-40


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